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Nike 鞋,Lost to return loss, Ye Xiang, or hurried to open the door, looking at them an exaggerated please move, then exclaimed: Tang Lin and Ye Yujia welcome to visit Han Shan students, niche feel very honored! Tang Lin and Ye Yujia have been amused laugh Ye Xiang, Tang Lin looked at Ye Xiang said: Ye Xiang, you less poor ah, do not hurry to get us shoes. Ye Xiang quickly took two pairs of slippers from the shoe, Tang Lin and Ye Yujia replaced walked in. Ye Xiang asked them to sit down on the sofa, wanted to give them tea, but the thought of the young people simply do not have the habit of drinking tea, they took out two cans of the refrigerator opened and handed them, said: Make up the matter is not busy, you two break drink drink!

Nike慢跑鞋,After a period of time, Tang Lin feel almost, he said: Ye Xiang, we have to rest almost, or make up for time to make up classes, these days you can pull down a lot of homework ah! Good, good! Ye Xiang looked at Tang Lin said: in the living room to help me make it up or go to my room. Tang Lin looked at the living room without Ye Xiang's computer, yesterday that he is a computer expert, a few she could not understand the problem would like to ask Ye Xiang, then said: We still go to your room, living room There are not even a desk.

Nike Air Max,Ye Xiang anxious to them to their own room to go in the living room, the parents may come back at any time, giving a sense of not Tashisi, hand to his bedroom side of a gesture said. Ye Xiang bedroom big, enough to 17, 8 square meters, which put a desk and a large computer desk also appears to be very spacious. Tang Lin a computer platform to see the new computer, the eye is a light: Ye Xiang, this is your new computer yesterday to buy you? Ps: Today units temporary overtime, only to come back, update a little late, sorry!


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